Galaray House is an innovative and dynamic art gallery in the heart of Lexington, Massachusetts. Our gallery is designed to bring art, culture, and community together in a fresh and approachable way. Within the gallery is a modern espresso bar creating an atmosphere that captivates the senses and entices the community to appreciate art on a whole new level.

Contemporary Art Gallery & Modern Espresso bar

We aim to be a hub for established and emerging artists to showcase their talent and for customers to explore and engage with unique, thought-provoking, and inspiring creations. We seek to enrich the cultural landscape and create meaningful connections to the community through art.


By adding in the element of thoughtfully crafted coffee, tea, and espresso beverages, we’re deepening the gallery experience. Guests come to relax in a warm environment to enjoy and contemplate world-class art. Coffee enthusiasts gain a gateway portal to creative expression.

Meet the Team

Our Story

It was late Summer 2022 on Boston Harbor. We were on a boat, buzzing from white wine. We could hear the Van Morrison concert faintly in the distance. Sometime before docking, Molly told Ray an idea she’d been thinking a lot about. In that moment, Galaray House was born. Both lovers of art and coffee, the idea stuck and the Galaray House journey was underway.


Lexington, Massachusetts was the natural fit for this new gallery concept. From the town’s rich history, to the vast array of cultural diversity, we knew the community would warmly welcome this new take on art galleries.


Galaray House is the proud ambassador for a lot of amazing artists that span a range of styles. Our collection showcases the creativity and imagination of world-class artists. The idea is to invite viewers to interpret and connect with art on a personal level with a delicious offering from a high-end espresso bar.


Ray Ball

Before Ray became owner and co-founder of Galaray House, he spent 15 years in marketing roles in the tech industry. He has a Bachelor of Arts from the College of the Holy Cross and a Master of Business Administration from Bentley University. His favorite piece of art from his personal collection is a Tingatinga-style oil on canvas painting he bought on a trip to Tanzania. He resides in Reading, Massachusetts.



Molly Rappoli

Molly’s love for art and creative pursuits was kindled by her mom, aunt, and grandparents. At Fairfield University, she pursued her passion and majored in Studio Art while gaining experience in art galleries and photo studios.


As an early employee at Serendipity Magazine, Molly's journey began as an art assistant and culminated in her role as Associate Publisher. Her contributions extended beyond the magazine's pages, as she spearheaded the Greenwich Food and Wine Festival. Later, she acted as Editor-in-Chief and Art Director for Empire City Casino Magazine. 


Molly's favorite art pieces are inspired by Edgar Degas’ captivating sketchbook pencil drawings. She lives with her husband and three young children, in Winchester, MA where her walls are already covered with their masterpieces.


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8:00am to 3:00pm

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